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Are PC’s better than Mac’s?

I laugh when I hear this question. My answer? “Nope and Mac’s aren’t better than PC’s either”.

They’re both computers. Computers do what you want them to. Computers are tools. They do different jobs for different people. There used to be a saying that if you were in graphic design you had to have a Mac. That’s just flat out wrong. I can do graphic design work on a PC just as efficiently as I can on a Mac. It comes down to what software is available for what YOU want to do. The computer is just processing what you’re doing. Doing what you tell it to do. Similarly, I’ve heard if you were going to work in business, then you needed a PC. Not true either. Mac’s have business productivity software just like PCs.

The truth is PC’s have about 80% of the market share out there with Macs having about 12%. If you include tablet PC’s, Macs come up to about 20% – 25% depending on what study you’ve read and what new piece of fancy hardware has just been released. Mac’s have a lower market share, but in my opinion they have better, hipper, marketing than PC’s. Mac’s are the underdog and everyone likes the underdog.

If a client of mine is looking to buy a new computer; sometime they’ll ask me if they should go with a PC or a Mac. I usually reply with, “what are you used to using?” or “what are you using now?” If they reply with “I use a Mac”, then I ask, “Is it doing what you want it to do?”. If they say, “Yes.”, then I usually tell them to stick with what they know. If they say, “No”, then we look at different options in both the PC and Mac worlds. And vise versa with PC’s. Unless you have a good reason to switch operating systems (Windows, Mac OS) I would suggest you stay with what you know. Although both PC’s and Macs are pretty easy to figure out for the curious folks out there; its not a good idea to try to learn a new operating system when you are pressed for time.

“yea, but PC’s get more viruses than macs” True. But, remember PC’s have 80% of the market share. If you were writing a virus and wanted to take out computers; would you target 80% of the market or 20%? Regardless, if you have a Mac or a PC you should have good virus protection, installed, updated and that scans regularly. Macs can get viruses too, but it is rare. Ultimately, computers do what their humans tell them to do. And, if you don’t regularly tell your computer to update its virus protection and scan for viruses, then its really your fault, not the Mac or the PC’s fault. Computers don’t just invite viruses in. Humans do.

Also, Macs don’t have anti-phishing filters. This can get your identity stolen pretty quick. Check out this website for help on keeping your Mac protected.

So, don’t waste your breath arguing if Macs are better than PC’s. Just pick what you want to use and use it.


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