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What’s a cloud based backup

One of the things that our company offers is online, cloud based backups. I get a lot of confused looks as to what exactly a cloud based backup is.

Simply put a cloud based backup takes your data offsite and stores it on another computer somewhere across the internet. It differs from traditional (onsite) backups in that it is using the internet to move your data to a safe location instead of to a local tape or hard drive that has to be taken offsite. The problem with traditional backups is that it relies on a human factor. The human has to remember to take the backup media (tape or hard drive) off site. In all my years of dealing with small and medium sized businesses; the biggest problem was remembering to “swap out the tape” or “take the drive offsite”. On more than one occasion I have walked into a clients office and asked, “Have you been taking the tapes offsite?” And 9 times out of 10 the owner of the company would hang their head in shame and say, “no.”

Backups that are online are great and almost flawless. Most of the backup software out there is smart enough to restart if it loses it’s connection with the cloud server, restart if there is a power outage and also send you a monthly, weekly or daily report. The can email you when a job has started, finished or failed along with a ton of other things.

Bottom line is you should have a backup of any file you want to keep or think you’ll need. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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