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Windows 10

Should I go with Windows 10?

Short Answer – Not yet.

Long Answer – Keep reading.

While Windows 8 frustrated many people; it was a more stable operating system than windows 7.  Microsoft in an attempt to move everything technology to a single operating system came back to bite them.  Bite maybe too strong of a word.  Nibble.

With tablets, smart phones, servers, desktops and laptops Microsoft had good intentions to merge everything into one Operating system.  What they didn’t expect was the frustration of the too much too soon with Windows 8.  While Windows 8 looked like a tablet or smart phone with tiles that were actually “App-like”; most people like their computers to be computers and have a start button. And their smart phones and tablets using apps.

Windows 10 kind of rolls this idea back a notch.  Windows 10 has a start button that looks similar to the familiar windows start button we’ve all come to know and love.  The start button has integrated a few “tiles” into the start button.  This is a good move for Microsoft.  It will relieve some of the stress of updating for those who refused to go to 8 and held out with windows 7.


I’m advising my clients to NOT upgrade the day Windows 10 is released, but rather to wait a few weeks until all the real bugs can be weeded out.

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